Source code for manim.mobject.shape_matchers

"""Mobjects used to mark and annotate other mobjects."""

__all__ = ["SurroundingRectangle", "BackgroundRectangle", "Cross", "Underline"]

from typing import Optional

from ..constants import *
from ..mobject.geometry import Line, RoundedRectangle
from ..mobject.mobject import Mobject
from ..mobject.types.vectorized_mobject import VGroup
from ..utils.color import BLACK, RED, YELLOW, Color

[docs]class SurroundingRectangle(RoundedRectangle): r"""A rectangle surrounding a :class:`~.Mobject` Examples -------- .. manim:: SurroundingRectExample :save_last_frame: class SurroundingRectExample(Scene): def construct(self): title = Title("A Quote from Newton") quote = Text( "If I have seen further than others, \n" "it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.", color=BLUE, ).scale(0.75) box = SurroundingRectangle(quote, color=YELLOW, buff=MED_LARGE_BUFF) t2 = Tex(r"Hello World").scale(1.5) box2 = SurroundingRectangle(t2, corner_radius=0.2) mobjects = VGroup(VGroup(box, quote), VGroup(t2, box2)).arrange(DOWN) self.add(title, mobjects) """ def __init__( self, mobject, color=YELLOW, buff=SMALL_BUFF, corner_radius=0.0, **kwargs ): self.color = color self.buff = buff super().__init__( color=color, width=mobject.width + 2 * self.buff, height=mobject.height + 2 * self.buff, corner_radius=corner_radius, **kwargs ) self.move_to(mobject)
[docs]class BackgroundRectangle(SurroundingRectangle): """A background rectangle Examples -------- .. manim:: ExampleBackgroundRectangle :save_last_frame: class ExampleBackgroundRectangle(Scene): def construct(self): circle = Circle().shift(LEFT) circle.set_stroke(color=GREEN, width=20) triangle = Triangle().shift(2 * RIGHT) triangle.set_fill(PINK, opacity=0.5) backgroundRectangle1 = BackgroundRectangle(circle, color=WHITE, fill_opacity=0.15) backgroundRectangle2 = BackgroundRectangle(triangle, color=WHITE, fill_opacity=0.15) self.add(backgroundRectangle1) self.add(backgroundRectangle2) self.add(circle) self.add(triangle), PI / 4)), PI / 2)) """ def __init__( self, mobject, color=BLACK, stroke_width=0, stroke_opacity=0, fill_opacity=0.75, buff=0, **kwargs ): super().__init__( mobject, color=color, stroke_width=stroke_width, stroke_opacity=stroke_opacity, fill_opacity=fill_opacity, buff=buff, **kwargs ) self.original_fill_opacity = self.fill_opacity
[docs] def pointwise_become_partial(self, mobject, a, b): self.set_fill(opacity=b * self.original_fill_opacity) return self
def set_style( self, stroke_color=None, stroke_width=None, fill_color=None, fill_opacity=None, family=True, ): # Unchangeable style, except for fill_opacity super().set_style( stroke_color=BLACK, stroke_width=0, fill_color=BLACK, fill_opacity=fill_opacity, ) return self
[docs] def get_fill_color(self): return Color(self.color)
[docs]class Cross(VGroup): """Creates a cross. Parameters ---------- mobject The mobject linked to this instance. It fits the mobject when specified. Defaults to None. stroke_color Specifies the color of the cross lines. Defaults to RED. stroke_width Specifies the width of the cross lines. Defaults to 6. scale_factor Scales the cross to the provided units. Defaults to 1. Examples -------- .. manim:: ExampleCross :save_last_frame: class ExampleCross(Scene): def construct(self): cross = Cross() self.add(cross) """ def __init__( self, mobject: Optional["Mobject"] = None, stroke_color: Color = RED, stroke_width: float = 6, scale_factor: float = 1, **kwargs ): super().__init__( Line(UP + LEFT, DOWN + RIGHT), Line(UP + RIGHT, DOWN + LEFT), **kwargs ) if mobject is not None: self.replace(mobject, stretch=True) self.scale(scale_factor) self.set_stroke(color=stroke_color, width=stroke_width)
[docs]class Underline(Line): """Creates an underline. Parameters ---------- Line The underline. Examples -------- .. manim:: UnderLine :save_last_frame: class UnderLine(Scene): def construct(self): man = Tex("Manim") # Full Word ul = Underline(man) # Underlining the word self.add(man, ul) """ def __init__(self, mobject, buff=SMALL_BUFF, **kwargs): super().__init__(LEFT, RIGHT, buff=buff, **kwargs) self.match_width(mobject) self.next_to(mobject, DOWN, buff=self.buff)