Source code for manim.scene.reconfigurable_scene

__all__ = ["ReconfigurableScene"]

from manim.utils.deprecation import deprecated

from ..animation.transform import Transform
from ..constants import *
from ..mobject.mobject import Mobject
from ..scene.scene import Scene

[docs]@deprecated( since="0.11.0", until="0.12.0", message="Does not seem to work, and no plans to maintain it.", ) class ReconfigurableScene(Scene): """ Note, this seems to no longer work as intended. """ def __init__(self, allow_recursion=True, **kwargs): super().__init__(**kwargs) self.allow_recursion = allow_recursion
[docs] def setup(self): self.states = [] self.num_recursions = 0
def transition_to_alt_config( self, return_to_original_configuration=True, transformation_kwargs=None, **new_config, ): if transformation_kwargs is None: transformation_kwargs = {} original_state = self.get_state() state_copy = original_state.copy() self.states.append(state_copy) if not self.allow_recursion: return alt_scene = self.__class__( skip_animations=True, allow_recursion=False, **new_config ) alt_state = alt_scene.states[len(self.states) - 1] if return_to_original_configuration: self.clear() self.transition_between_states( state_copy, alt_state, **transformation_kwargs ) self.transition_between_states( state_copy, original_state, **transformation_kwargs ) self.clear() self.add(*original_state) else: self.transition_between_states( original_state, alt_state, **transformation_kwargs ) self.__dict__.update(new_config) def get_state(self): # Want to return a mobject that maintains the most # structure. The way to do that is to extract only # those that aren't inside another. return Mobject(*self.get_top_level_mobjects()) def transition_between_states(self, start_state, target_state, **kwargs):, target_state, **kwargs)) self.wait()