Qualified name: manim.mobject.geometry.ArcPolygon

class ArcPolygon(*vertices, angle=0.7853981633974483, radius=None, arc_config=None, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: manim.mobject.types.vectorized_mobject.VMobject

A generalized polygon allowing for points to be connected with arcs.

This version tries to stick close to the way Polygon is used. Points can be passed to it directly which are used to generate the according arcs (using ArcBetweenPoints). An angle or radius can be passed to it to use across all arcs, but to configure arcs individually an arc_config list has to be passed with the syntax explained below.


Two instances of ArcPolygon can be transformed properly into one another as well. Be advised that any arc initialized with angle=0 will actually be a straight line, so if a straight section should seamlessly transform into an arced section or vice versa, initialize the straight section with a negligible angle instead (such as angle=0.0001).

There is an alternative version (ArcPolygonFromArcs) that is instantiated with pre-defined arcs.

  • vertices (Union[list, np.array]) – A list of vertices, start and end points for the arc segments.

  • angle (float) – The angle used for constructing the arcs. If no other parameters are set, this angle is used to construct all arcs.

  • radius (Optional[float]) – The circle radius used to construct the arcs. If specified, overrides the specified angle.

  • arc_config (Optional[Union[List[dict]], dict]) – When passing a dict, its content will be passed as keyword arguments to ArcBetweenPoints. Otherwise, a list of dictionaries containing values that are passed as keyword arguments for every individual arc can be passed.

  • kwargs – Further keyword arguments that are passed to the constructor of VMobject.


The arcs created from the input parameters:

>>> from manim import ArcPolygon
>>> ap = ArcPolygon([0, 0, 0], [2, 0, 0], [0, 2, 0])
>>> ap.arcs
[ArcBetweenPoints, ArcBetweenPoints, ArcBetweenPoints]



Example: SeveralArcPolygons

from manim import *

class SeveralArcPolygons(Scene):
    def construct(self):
        a = [0, 0, 0]
        b = [2, 0, 0]
        c = [0, 2, 0]
        ap1 = ArcPolygon(a, b, c, radius=2)
        ap2 = ArcPolygon(a, b, c, angle=45*DEGREES)
        ap3 = ArcPolygon(a, b, c, arc_config={'radius': 1.7, 'color': RED})
        ap4 = ArcPolygon(a, b, c, color=RED, fill_opacity=1,
                                    arc_config=[{'radius': 1.7, 'color': RED},
                                    {'angle': 20*DEGREES, 'color': BLUE},
                                    {'radius': 1}])
        ap_group = VGroup(ap1, ap2, ap3, ap4).arrange()*[Create(ap) for ap in [ap1, ap2, ap3, ap4]])

For further examples see ArcPolygonFromArcs.




Used to animate the application of a method.



The depth of the mobject.


The height of the mobject.


The width of the mobject.