December 1, 2020

Changes since Manim Community release v0.1.0


  1. Provided a standardized method for plugin discoverability, creation, installation, and usage. See the documentation.


  1. JsRender is optional to install. (via #697).

  2. Allow importing modules from the same directory as the input file when using manim from the command line (via #724).

  3. Remove some unnecessary or unpythonic methods from Scene (get_mobjects, add_mobjects_among, get_mobject_copies), via #758.

  4. Fix formatting of Code (via #798).


  1. Removed the skip_animations config option and added the Renderer.skip_animations attribute instead (via #696).

  2. The global config dict has been replaced by a global config instance of the new class ManimConfig. This class has a dict-like API, so this should not break user code, only make it more robust. See the Configuration tutorial for details.

  3. Added the option to configure a directory for external assets (via #649).


  1. Add :issue: and :pr: directives for simplifying linking to issues and pull requests on GitHub (via #685).

  2. Add a skip-manim tag for skipping the .. manim:: directive when building the documentation locally (via #796).

Mobjects, Scenes, and Animations

  1. The alignment attribute to Tex and MathTex has been removed in favour of tex_environment.

  2. Text now uses Pango for rendering. PangoText has been removed. The old implementation is still available as a fallback as CairoText.

  3. Variations of Dot have been added as AnnotationDot (a bigger dot with bolder stroke) and LabeledDot (a dot containing a label).

  4. Scene.set_variables_as_attrs has been removed (via #692).

  5. Ensure that the axes for graphs (GraphScene) always intersect (#580).

  6. Now Mobject.add_updater does not call the newly-added updater by default (use call_updater=True instead) (via #710)

  7. VMobject now has methods to determine and change the direction of the points (via #647).

  8. Added BraceBetweenPoints (via #693).

  9. Added ArcPolygon and ArcPolygonFromArcs (via #707).

  10. Added Cutout (via #760).

  11. Added Mobject raise not implemented errors for dunder methods and implementations for VGroup dunder methods (via #790).

  12. Added ManimBanner for a animated version of our logo and banner (via #729)

  13. The background color of a scene can now be changed reliably by setting, e.g., self.camera.background_color = RED (via #716).