FAQ: OpenGL rendering#

Are there any resources on how the OpenGL renderer in the community maintained version can be used?#

Yes. Unfortunately, at this point, the official online documentation does not contain the relevant base classes like OpenGLMobject and OpenGLVMobject or specific OpenGL classes like OpenGLSurface, but documentation for some of them is available in form of docstrings in the source code.

Furthermore, this user guide by aquabeam can be helpful to get started using the OpenGL renderer.

I am trying to run an interactive scene with --renderer=opengl and Scene.interactive_embed, but an error (sqlite3.ProgrammingError) is raised. How can I fix this?#

This seems to be an issue with a recent IPython release, in our experience it helps to downgrade the installed IPython package to 8.0.1: pip install IPython==8.0.1.