March 3, 2021

The changes since Manim Community release v0.3.0 are listed below.

Breaking Changes#

  • #915: Manim’s SVG engine has been reworked and is able to handle a wider variations of SVG files. In particular: fill and stroke properties are now retained from the original files. Breaking change: VMobjectFromSVGPathstring is deprecated and has been renamed to SVGPathMobject.

New Features#

Bugfixes and Enhancements#

  • #981: Fixed hot reload functionality for the WebGL renderer on Windows

  • #1053: Repair links to source code in stable version of documentation

  • #1067: Add ManimPango to ReadTheDocs requirements

  • #1058: Replace <color> syntax by Pango’s <span foreground> for coloring parts of MarkupText and allow using colors for underline, overline and strikethrough in MarkupText

  • #1063: Fix documentation related to .animate

  • #1065: Remove duplicate word ‘vector’

  • #1060: Update Linux installation instructions to mention the installation of Pango

  • #1050: Ensure that the user-supplied stroke color and width gets applied to Cross

  • #1059: More descriptive error when accessing an unhandled mobject attribute

  • #1048: Use absolute path in make_and_open_docs.py

  • #1000: Remove MovingCameraScene.setup and MovingCameraScene.camera_frame

  • #1051: Corrections for setting stroke related attributes on VMobject

  • #1043: Make CubicBezier explicitly accept four points

  • #1046: Use any version of importlib-metadata

  • #1030: Parse .log file and try to print LaTeX errors if compilation fails

  • #1015: Documentation: Add more explicit instructions related to tlmgr

  • #1028: Documentation: Update installation guide on mac with Apple Silicon

  • #1032: Remove Square.side_length property

  • #1031: Fix link to wikipedia vector graphics page

  • #1021: Documentation: Added example to CubicBezier

  • #1017: Added progress_bar to digest_args to fix the --progress_bar CLI flag

  • #1018: Remove redundancy in FunctionGraph arguments

  • #1024: Migrate width / height / depth to properties

  • #1022: Fix -p flag when passing -s

  • #1008: CI pipeline: fix release asset upload

  • #983: Make sure last frame for animations with updaters is correct

  • #984: Add manim version to CLI output, append version name for generated .gif and .png files, add version to metadata of rendered videos, change dark blue terminal text to default green

  • #993: Fix setting Mobject color to a gradient by passing a list of colors in set_color()

  • #1003: Fix animation GrowArrow

  • #1010: Disable STDIN interaction for ffmpeg concat.

  • #969: Fix the --tex_template CLI flag

  • #989: Fix the manim cfg export subcommand

  • #1005: Fix the feature where - is used as the filename

  • #998: Allow using hexadecimal color codes with 3 characters

  • #996: Changed the message of manim --version to not include “Edition”