Adding Voiceovers to Videos

Creating a full-fledged video with voiceovers is a bit more involved than creating purely visual Manim scenes. One has to use a video editing program to add the voiceovers after the video has been rendered. This process can be difficult and time-consuming, since it requires a lot of planning and preparation.

To ease the process of adding voiceovers to videos, we have created Manim Voiceover, a plugin that lets you add voiceovers to scenes directly in Python. To install it, run

pip install "manim-voiceover[azure,gtts]"

Visit the installation page for more details on how to install Manim Voiceover.

Basic Usage

Manim Voiceover lets you …

  • Add voiceovers to Manim videos directly in Python, without having to use a video editor.

  • Record voiceovers with your microphone during rendering through a simple command line interface.

  • Develop animations with auto-generated AI voices from various free and proprietary services.

It provides a very simple API that lets you specify your voiceover script and then record it during rendering:

from manim import *
from manim_voiceover import VoiceoverScene
from import RecorderService

# Simply inherit from VoiceoverScene instead of Scene to get all the
# voiceover functionality.
class RecorderExample(VoiceoverScene):
    def construct(self):
        # You can choose from a multitude of TTS services,
        # or in this example, record your own voice:

        circle = Circle()

        # Surround animation sections with with-statements:
        with self.voiceover(text="This circle is drawn as I speak.") as tracker:
  , run_time=tracker.duration)
            # The duration of the animation is received from the audio file
            # and passed to the tracker automatically.

        # This part will not start playing until the previous voiceover is finished.
        with self.voiceover(text="Let's shift it to the left 2 units.") as tracker:
   * LEFT), run_time=tracker.duration)

To get started with Manim Voiceover, visit the Quick Start Guide.

Visit the Example Gallery to see some examples of Manim Voiceover in action.