June 01, 2021


A total of 45 people contributed to this release. People with a ‘+’ by their names authored a patch for the first time.

  • André +

  • Anton Ballmaier

  • Benjamin Hackl

  • Clar Fon

  • Darylgolden

  • Devin Neal

  • Hugues Devimeux

  • Iced-Tea3 +

  • Jan-Hendrik Müller

  • Jason Villanueva

  • Jerónimo Squartini +

  • KingWampy

  • Laith Bahodi

  • Max Stoumen +

  • Mohammad Al-Fetyani

  • Naveen M K

  • NeoPlato

  • Newell Jensen

  • Nikhil Garuda

  • Nikhil Sharma +

  • PaulCMurdoch +

  • Philipp Imhof

  • Raghav Goel

  • Robert West +

  • Ryan McCauley +

  • Skaft +

  • SwiddisZwei +

  • e4coder +

  • friedkeenan

  • malte-v +

  • ralphieraccoon

  • sparshg

The patches included in this release have been reviewed by the following contributors.

  • Aathish Sivasubrahmanian

  • Abhijith Muthyala

  • Anton Ballmaier

  • Aron

  • Benjamin Hackl

  • Darylgolden

  • Devin Neal

  • GameDungeon

  • Hugues Devimeux

  • Iced-Tea3

  • Jan-Hendrik Müller

  • Jason Villanueva

  • Jerónimo Squartini

  • KingWampy

  • Laith Bahodi

  • Mark Miller

  • Mohammad Al-Fetyani

  • Naveen M K

  • Nikhil Garuda

  • Oliver

  • Philipp Imhof

  • Raghav Goel

  • Ricky Chon

  • Ryan McCauley

  • Skaft

  • SwiddisZwei

  • e4coder

  • friedkeenan

  • ralphieraccoon

  • sparshg

Pull requests merged#

A total of 87 pull requests were merged for this release.

Breaking changes#

  • #1521: Improve Animation docs
    • Improve documentation of the Animation class.

    • Unify the signature of get_all_mobjects. Now it always returns a sequence of Mobjects. This breaks using FadeTransform.get_all_mobjects as Group.

  • #1470: Drop support for Python 3.6

    Manim won’t work on Python 3.6 anymore.


  • #1447: Added PolarPlane for polar coordinates.

  • #1490: Added Polygram, rework the polygon inheritance tree, and add Star
  • #1462: OpenGL: Added Shader, Mesh, and FullScreenQuad

    Add Shader and Mesh objects

  • #1418: Added project management commands
    • manim init - quickly sets up default files for a manim project.

    • manim new project - lets the user set project settings. It also creates the project inside a new folder of name <project_name>

    • manim new scene - used to quickly insert new scenes into files. If file name is not provided main.py is used as default.

Deprecated classes and functions#

  • #1598: Update examples to use Axes and deprecate GraphScene

    GraphScene has been deprecated and its functionality has been shifted to Axes. See the updated example gallery for sample usage.

  • #1454: Fading module enhancements

    Moved functionality of all Fading classes to FadeIn and FadeOut. All other fading classes have been deprecated.

  • #1375: Deleted the deprecated ShowCreation in favor of Create

New features#

  • #1566: Added the ability to add gridlines to a Rectangle

  • #1548: Added ArcBrace, a subclass of Brace.

  • #1559: Update VGroup to support item assignment (#1530)

    Support indexed item-assignment for VGroup

  • #1518: Allow fading multiple Mobjects in one Animation

  • #1422: Added override_animation() decorator

  • #1504: Color module enhancements
    • Replaced BLUE_E with what was previously DARK_BLUE and removed DARK_BLUE

    • Added alias LIGHTER_GRAY for GRAY_A


    • All gray colors are now also available using British spelling (including GREY_BROWN)

    • Replaced color example in the docs. It can now be used as a quick reference for all color names.

  • #1272: Implement metaclass approach in geometry module to make mobjects compatible with cairo and opengl rendering

  • #1404: Added two deprecation decorators

    Added two function decorators deprecated and deprecated_params as a consistent way of deprecating code.


  • #1572: OpenGL compatibility via metaclass: TracedPath, ParametricFunction, Brace, VGroup

  • #1472: Porting methods from GraphScene to CoordinateSystem

  • #1589: OpenGL compatibility via metaclass: ValueTracker

  • #1564: Add extra notes for TeX compilation errors

    Add hint to use custom TexTemplate on TeX compilation errors

  • #1584: Added a check for 0 in round_corners()

  • #1586: Add OpenGLMobject support to all isinstance occurrences

    This PR increases the support for OpenGL in the remaining animation classes and in other places where appropriate.

  • #1577: Added new metaclass ConvertToOpenGL (replacing MetaVMobject), restore IntelliSense

  • #1562: Improved VectorField’s Nudge Accuracy Per Step

    Implemented the Runge-Kutta algorithm in VectorField’s nudge function. This increases the accuracy as an object moves along a vector field. This also increases efficiency as the nudge function requires less loops to achieve accuracy than the previous implementation.

  • #1480: Add logging info to tex errors

  • #1567: Compatibility Fixes with ManimPango v0.3.0
    • ManimPango v0.3.0+ is required for Manim now.

    • Show errors from Pango when Markup isn’t correct

  • #1512: OpenGL compatibility via metaclass: graph

  • #1511: OpenGL compatibility via metaclass: svg_mobject, text_mobject, tex_mobject

  • #1502: Added center parameter to Sphere and point parameter to Dot3D

  • #1486: Update of rate_functions

    Changed the picture for the non standard rate functions.

  • #1495: Ported value_tracker to OpenGL

  • #1382: Expand documentation, testing, and functionality of ValueTrackers; remove ExponentialValueTracker

    Added more documentation and inline operators to ValueTracker and ComplexValueTracker. Brought coverage for value_tracker.py to 100%. Removed ExponentialValueTracker.

  • #1475: Add SVG elliptical arc support

Fixed bugs#

  • #1574: Fixed error when processing SVG with omitted elliptical arc command

  • #1596: Fix indexing for non-whitespace tex arg separator

    Fixes #1568

    Fix issue when setting the arg_separator of a Tex object as a non-whitespace character(s). The method break_up_by_substrings(self) was not accounting for the separator when setting the index.

  • #1588: Fixed multiple animations being saved in the same file

  • #1571: Fix tests after introducing parallelization

  • #1545: Fix outdated parameters for LinearTransformationScene and add an example + typing.

  • #1513: Fixed rotation of gradients while rotating a VMobject
    • Fixed the direction of gradient which remained the same while rotating VMobjects

    • Added rotate_sheen_direction() method in VMobject

  • #1570: Output errors to stderr

  • #1560: Declare *.npz *.wav *.png as binary in .gitattributes

  • #1211: Refactored scene caching and fixed issue when a different hash was produced when copying a mobject in the scene

    Refactored internal scene-caching mechanism and fixed bug when an inconsistent hash was produced when copying a mobject.

  • #1527: Improved handling of substring isolation within sqrt, and fixed a bug with transform_mismatch for the matching shape transforms

  • #1526: Fix fading

  • #1523: Fix multiple FadeIn / Out only working on VMobjects

Changes concerning the testing system#

  • #1556: Try pytest-xdist for parallelization in tests

Changes to our development infrastructure#

  • #1505: Add docs reference to PR template

    Added documentation link to the Pull Request Template.

  • #1499: Updated Discord links in the docs to point towards a standardized redirect

  • #1461: Build the docs - Logging

  • #1481: pyproject.toml: poetry_core -> poetry-core

  • #1477: Update RDT sphinx package to version 3.5.3

  • #1460: Create CONTRIBUTING.md

  • #1453: manim_directive: fix image links in docs - Windows

    Use POSIX path on Windows to link images so documentation can build locally.

Code quality improvements and similar refactors#

  • #1465: Added typings and description to some functions in coordinate_systems.

  • #1552: Removed unwanted parameters in geometry

    Removed anchors_span_full_range, close_new_points, anchors_span_full_range, preserve_tip_size_when_scaling, mark_paths_closed and close_new_points

  • #1597: Removed hilite_me and insert_line_numbers_in_html from global name space

  • #1535: Update dependencies and fix tests

  • #1544: Adding spell checker as a pre-commit hook

  • #1542: Swapping a pango markup link in docs

  • #1531: Don’t use deprecated methods in deprecation.py

  • #1492: Remove stray print statements introduced in #1404

  • #1471: Fix Some Warnings from lgtm

Changes that needed to be reverted again#

  • #1606: Bring back DARK_BLUE

New releases#

  • #1601: Preparation for v0.7.0: added changelog and bumped version number