Qualified name: manim.animation.composition.LaggedStartMap

class LaggedStartMap(mobject=None, *args, use_override=True, **kwargs)[source]#

Bases: LaggedStart

Plays a series of Animation while mapping a function to submobjects.

  • AnimationClassAnimation to apply to mobject.

  • mobjectMobject whose submobjects the animation, and optionally the function, are to be applied.

  • arg_creator – Function which will be applied to Mobject.

  • run_time – The duration of the animation in seconds.


Example: LaggedStartMapExample

from manim import *

class LaggedStartMapExample(Scene):
    def construct(self):
        title = Tex("LaggedStartMap").to_edge(UP, buff=LARGE_BUFF)
        dots = VGroup(
            *[Dot(radius=0.16) for _ in range(35)]
            ).arrange_in_grid(rows=5, cols=7, buff=MED_LARGE_BUFF)
        self.add(dots, title)

        # Animate yellow ripple effect
        for mob in dots, title:
                ApplyMethod, mob,
                lambda m : (m.set_color, YELLOW),
                lag_ratio = 0.1,
                rate_func = there_and_back,
                run_time = 2