Manim has a few dependencies that need to be installed before it can be used. The following pages have instructions that are specific to your system. Once you are done installing the dependencies, come back to this page to install manim itself.


Before installing manim, you should understand that there are a few main versions of manim today that are generally incompatible with each other. This documentation only covers the installation of the community edition; trying to use instructions intended for other versions of manim or vice versa will likely result in failure. In particular, most video tutorials are outdated. For more information, please read Differences between Manim Versions.


In case that you want to try manim online without installation, open it in Binder.

Installing dependencies

Installing Manim

Manim-Community runs on Python 3.6+. If you’d like to just use the library, you can install it from PyPI via pip:

pip install manim

You can replace pip with pip3 if you need to in your system.

Alternatively, you can work with Manim using our Docker image that can be found at Docker Hub.

Installation For Developers

If you want to contribute to manim, follow the Contributing instructions.

Verifying installation

Please proceed to our quickstart guide to run a simple file to test your installation. If it did not work, please refer to our troubleshooting guide for help.