Qualified name: manim.animation.indication.Circumscribe

class Circumscribe(mobject=None, *args, use_override=True, **kwargs)[source]#

Bases: Succession

Draw a temporary line surrounding the mobject.

  • mobject – The mobject to be circumscribed.

  • shape – The shape with which to surrond the given mobject. Should be either Rectangle or Circle

  • fade_in – Whether to make the surrounding shape to fade in. It will be drawn otherwise.

  • fade_out – Whether to make the surrounding shape to fade out. It will be undrawn otherwise.

  • time_width – The time_width of the drawing and undrawing. Gets ignored if either fade_in or fade_out is True.

  • buff – The distance between the surrounding shape and the given mobject.

  • color – The color of the surrounding shape.

  • run_time – The duration of the entire animation.

  • kwargs – Additional arguments to be passed to the Succession constructor


Example: UsingCircumscribe

from manim import *

class UsingCircumscribe(Scene):
    def construct(self):
        lbl = Tex(r"Circum-\\scribe").scale(2)
        self.add(lbl), Circle)), fade_out=True)), time_width=2)), Circle, True))