January 1, 2021

The changes since Manim Community release v0.1.1 are listed below.

Breaking Changes

  • Remove all CONFIG dictionaries and all calls to digest_config and allow passing options directly to the constructor of the corresponding classes (pull request 783).

    Practically, this means that old constructions using CONFIG like:

    class SomeMobject(Thing):
        CONFIG = {
            "my_awesome_property": 42

    where corresponding objects were then instantiated as my_mobject = SomeMobject() should now be created simply using my_mobject = SomeMobject(my_awesome_property=42).

  • Remove old syntax for animating mobject methods by passing the methods and arguments to self.play, and use a new syntax featuring the animate property (pull request 881).

    For example: the old-style play call

    self.play(my_square.shift, LEFT)

    should be replaced with the new following call using the animate property:


New Features


Other changes