Required Dependencies#

To create a conda environment, you must first install conda or mamba, the two most popular conda clients.

After installing conda, you can create a new environment and install manim inside by running

conda create -n my-manim-environment
conda activate my-manim-environment
conda install -c conda-forge manim

Since all dependencies (except LaTeX) are handled by conda, you don’t need to worry about needing to install additional dependencies.

Optional Dependencies#

In order to make use of Manim’s interface to LaTeX to, for example, render equations, LaTeX has to be installed as well. Note that this is an optional dependency: if you don’t intend to use LaTeX, you don’t have to install it.

You can install LaTeX by following the optional dependencies steps for Windows, Linux or macOS.

Working with Manim#

At this point, you should have a working installation of Manim, head over to our Quickstart Tutorial to learn how to make your own Manimations!