Qualified name: manim.animation.composition.LaggedStart

class LaggedStart(mobject=None, *args, use_override=True, **kwargs)[source]#

Bases: AnimationGroup

Adjusts the timing of a series of Animation according to lag_ratio.

  • animations – Sequence of Animation objects to be played.

  • lag_ratio

    Defines the delay after which the animation is applied to submobjects. A lag_ratio of n.nn means the next animation will play when nnn% of the current animation has played. Defaults to 0.05, meaning that the next animation will begin when 5% of the current animation has played.

    This does not influence the total runtime of the animation. Instead the runtime of individual animations is adjusted so that the complete animation has the defined run time.


Example: LaggedStartExample

from manim import *

class LaggedStartExample(Scene):
    def construct(self):
        title = Text("lag_ratio = 0.25").to_edge(UP)

        dot1 = Dot(point=LEFT * 2 + UP, radius=0.16)
        dot2 = Dot(point=LEFT * 2, radius=0.16)
        dot3 = Dot(point=LEFT * 2 + DOWN, radius=0.16)
        line_25 = DashedLine(
            start=LEFT + UP * 2,
            end=LEFT + DOWN * 2,
        label = Text("25%", font_size=24).next_to(line_25, UP)
        self.add(title, dot1, dot2, dot3, line_25, label)
            dot1.animate.shift(RIGHT * 4),
            dot2.animate.shift(RIGHT * 4),
            dot3.animate.shift(RIGHT * 4),