Source code for manim._config

"""Set the global config and logger."""

from __future__ import annotations

import logging
from contextlib import _GeneratorContextManager, contextmanager

from .cli_colors import parse_cli_ctx
from .logger_utils import make_logger
from .utils import ManimConfig, ManimFrame, make_config_parser

__all__ = [

parser = make_config_parser()

# The logger can be accessed from anywhere as manim.logger, or as
# logging.getLogger("manim").  The console must be accessed as manim.console.
# Throughout the codebase, use manim.console.print() instead of print().
# Use error_console to print errors so that it outputs to stderr.
logger, console, error_console = make_logger(
cli_ctx_settings = parse_cli_ctx(parser["CLI_CTX"])
# TODO: temporary to have a clean terminal output when working with PIL or matplotlib

config = ManimConfig().digest_parser(parser)
frame = ManimFrame(config)

# This has to go here because it needs access to this module's config
[docs]@contextmanager def tempconfig(temp: ManimConfig | dict) -> _GeneratorContextManager: """Context manager that temporarily modifies the global ``config`` object. Inside the ``with`` statement, the modified config will be used. After context manager exits, the config will be restored to its original state. Parameters ---------- temp Object whose keys will be used to temporarily update the global ``config``. Examples -------- Use ``with tempconfig({...})`` to temporarily change the default values of certain config options. .. code-block:: pycon >>> config["frame_height"] 8.0 >>> with tempconfig({"frame_height": 100.0}): ... print(config["frame_height"]) ... 100.0 >>> config["frame_height"] 8.0 """ global config original = config.copy() temp = {k: v for k, v in temp.items() if k in original} # In order to change the config that every module has access to, use # update(), DO NOT use assignment. Assigning config = some_dict will just # make the local variable named config point to a new dictionary, it will # NOT change the dictionary that every module has a reference to. config.update(temp) try: yield finally: config.update(original) # update, not assignment!