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"""A camera supporting multiple perspectives."""

from __future__ import annotations

__all__ = ["MultiCamera"]

from import MovingCamera
from ..utils.iterables import list_difference_update

[docs]class MultiCamera(MovingCamera): """Camera Object that allows for multiple perspectives.""" def __init__( self, image_mobjects_from_cameras=None, allow_cameras_to_capture_their_own_display=False, **kwargs, ): """Initialises the MultiCamera Parameters ---------- image_mobjects_from_cameras : ImageMobject kwargs Any valid keyword arguments of MovingCamera. """ self.image_mobjects_from_cameras = [] if image_mobjects_from_cameras is not None: for imfc in image_mobjects_from_cameras: self.add_image_mobject_from_camera(imfc) self.allow_cameras_to_capture_their_own_display = ( allow_cameras_to_capture_their_own_display ) super().__init__(**kwargs)
[docs] def add_image_mobject_from_camera(self, image_mobject_from_camera): """Adds an ImageMobject that's been obtained from the camera into the list ``self.image_mobject_from_cameras`` Parameters ---------- image_mobject_from_camera : ImageMobject The ImageMobject to add to self.image_mobject_from_cameras """ # A silly method to have right now, but maybe there are things # we want to guarantee about any imfc's added later. imfc = image_mobject_from_camera assert isinstance(, MovingCamera) self.image_mobjects_from_cameras.append(imfc)
[docs] def update_sub_cameras(self): """Reshape sub_camera pixel_arrays""" for imfc in self.image_mobjects_from_cameras: pixel_height, pixel_width = self.pixel_array.shape[:2] = (,, ) int(pixel_height * imfc.height / self.frame_height), int(pixel_width * imfc.width / self.frame_width), )
[docs] def reset(self): """Resets the MultiCamera. Returns ------- MultiCamera The reset MultiCamera """ for imfc in self.image_mobjects_from_cameras: super().reset() return self
[docs] def capture_mobjects(self, mobjects, **kwargs): self.update_sub_cameras() for imfc in self.image_mobjects_from_cameras: to_add = list(mobjects) if not self.allow_cameras_to_capture_their_own_display: to_add = list_difference_update(to_add, imfc.get_family()), **kwargs) super().capture_mobjects(mobjects, **kwargs)
[docs] def get_mobjects_indicating_movement(self): """Returns all mobjects whose movement implies that the camera should think of all other mobjects on the screen as moving Returns ------- list """ return [self.frame] + [ for imfc in self.image_mobjects_from_cameras ]