Source code for manim.mobject.frame

"""Special rectangles."""

from __future__ import annotations

__all__ = [

from manim.mobject.geometry.polygram import Rectangle

from .. import config

[docs]class ScreenRectangle(Rectangle): def __init__(self, aspect_ratio=16.0 / 9.0, height=4, **kwargs): super().__init__(width=aspect_ratio * height, height=height, **kwargs) @property def aspect_ratio(self): """The aspect ratio. When set, the width is stretched to accommodate the new aspect ratio. """ return self.width / self.height @aspect_ratio.setter def aspect_ratio(self, value): self.stretch_to_fit_width(value * self.height)
[docs]class FullScreenRectangle(ScreenRectangle): def __init__(self, **kwargs): super().__init__(**kwargs) self.height = config["frame_height"]